Vignolle Ensemble

The Vignolle Ensemble is a young and ambitious string ensemble, consisting of Dutch students and alumni. The ensemble was founded in the spring of 2012 as a one-off project orchestra, but the formula proved very successful and soon new projects followed. The orchestra now travels to France every year to give concerts and organize educational activities for children. The Vignolle Ensemble also supervises soloists and choirs on a project basis and plays at festivals. The orchestra played works by a.o. Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Dvořák and Elgar, and is constantly expanding its repertoire.

The members of the Vignolle Ensemble come from various Dutch student orchestras. They do not have a professional background in music, but play in the orchestra alongside their studies or work. Under the direction of conductor Eduardus Lee, the ensemble has developed its own unique timbre.

In the 2019-2020 season, the Vignolle Ensemble plays Bohemian music for strings by Dvořák,Janáček and Suk, and in the spring of 2020 Mahler, more Mahler, and … Mahler’s arrangement of Beethoven’s Eleventh String Quartet. Please find more information below.


Autumn 2019 // ‘Bohemian Fantasy’

This fall, the Vignolle Ensemble plays a Romantic program with music from Bohemian composers:

Dvořák – Two waltzes
Janáček – Suite for Strings
Suk – Serenade for Strings

Sat 14 dec // 20h15 // Doopsgezinde Kerk (Baptist Church), Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sun 15 dec // 15h00 // Lutherse Kerk ‘De Swaen’ (Lutheran Church), Edam, The Netherlands

Spring 2019 // ‘The Walls are Giving Way’

Mahler – Adagietto (from ‘Symphony No. 5’)
Beethoven – 11th String Quartet, op. 95 ‘Serioso’ (arr. Mahler)
Mahler – Adagio (from ‘Symphony No. 10’, arr. Lee)

Fri 30 May  // France // t.b.a.
Sat 31 May // France // t.b.a.
Sun 1 June // France // t.b.a.
Fri 5 June // The Netherlands // t.b.a.
Sun 7 June // The Netherlands // t.b.a.

Vignolle Ensemble and Vignolle Camerata are a division of the Vignolle Foundation.

Stichting Vignolle
H. van Tussenbroekplantsoen 6-3 
3533 SX Utrecht
KVK 67291813

Photography: Eduardus Lee, Emmely Jurrius-Siebrecht, Hans Zuidervaart & Arend Kooman.
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